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Mother Who Didn’t Think She’d Live To See Son’s 5th Birthday, Celebrates Beating Cancer With Adorable Photoshoot

You never know when life is going to shock you with heartbreaking news. You have to move forward, but it’s never easy. Rachel Perman knows this lesson...

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Father’s First Meme Goes Viral With Help Of Proud Son
Jade Lanegan / 6 days
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Say ‘Yes’ Or Else! Russians Embrace Extreme Proposal Trend
Will Gardner / 2 weeks
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Woman’s Epic 57-Day Search For Her Missing Dog Kept Us On The Edge Of Our Seats
Will Gardner / 2 weeks
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Will Gardner / 2 weeks
Jade Lanegan / 2 weeks
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Little Girl Recalls Moment She Met Her Adoptive Parents In Adorable Viral Video

November is recognized as National Adoption Awareness Month. Adoption allows families to grow and children to find welcoming homes. Most children don’...

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The Internet Is Loving The Response Of This Iowa Police Officer To Local Boy’s Fear Of Monsters
Will Gardner / 3 weeks
Cute Will Gardner 3 weeks
Woman Who Disguised Herself As A Bush To Record Sister’s Proposal Has The Internet Twigging Out
Will Gardner / 3 weeks
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The Oldest-Known Man With Down Syndrome Celebrated His 79th Birthday This Year
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This Russian Man Photoshopped Quentin Tarantino Photos Into His Apartment Listing And People Went Nuts

Selling an apartment is hard work. From the excessive cleaning to the realtor to the sometimes-difficult people you encounter, the entire process is i...

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Knowing These Mall Secrets Can Help You Shop ‘Til You Drop Without Falling Prey To Consumer Gimmicks
Michael Roque / 3 months
Life Hacks Jade Lanegan 3 months
4 Simple Acts Of Self-Care For A Healthy Mind And Body
Jade Lanegan / 3 months
Life Hacks Jade Lanegan 4 months
Professors’ Study Proves Magic Method of Getting Kids to Eat Their Veggies
Jade Lanegan / 4 months
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Jennifer Aniston Officially Joined Instagram And She Already ‘Broke’ The Internet

The song goes, “I’ll be there for you.” But this time, it's Jennifer Aniston who's there for us on social media. The Friends alum has finally created ...

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This Woman Thought She Bought A New Puppy, But She Realized Something Was Strange When It Didn’t Bark
Michael Roque / 4 weeks
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Why This Emotional Clip Of Stephen Colbert And Anderson Cooper Touched Millions
Will Gardner / 1 month
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5 Fascinating Traditions For Births In The British Royal Family
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Florida Man Goes The Extra Mile To Solve School Lunch Debt In His Town

School lunch debt is becoming a major problem for communities throughout the U.S. Some school districts have accumulated literally millions of dollars...

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After Losing Her Mom, One Little Girl Gets Her Hair Braided Every Morning By Her School Bus Driver
Will Gardner / 2 weeks
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Quick-Thinking Kindergartner Saves Substitute Teacher’s Life
Jade Lanegan / 2 weeks
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She Discovered The Truth About Her Family By A Chance Encounter
Michael Roque / 2 weeks
Michael Berdy / 3 months
Kendall Breitman / 1 week
Jade Lanegan / 3 weeks
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Paralyzed Man Learns To Walk Again, Thanks To Sci-Fi-Like, Mind-Controlled Technology

Imagine being told you’ll never walk again. You’re paralyzed following a severe injury. You have to accept your new reality. But sometimes, miracles h...

Innovation Allie Lewis 3 months
Expensive Military Programs That Bombed And Wasted Millions, Billions – And Even A Trillion – Dollars
Allie Lewis / 3 months
Innovation Will Gardner 3 months
Man Invents An Easier Way To Keep Dementia Patients Hydrated With Edible Water
Will Gardner / 3 months
Innovation Michael Berdy 3 months
A Mysterious Illness Left Him Bedridden For 11 Years, Then This College Dropout Stunned Doctors
Michael Berdy / 3 months
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Actor Spends Hour Without Blinking For World Record, But No Guinness Mention

Paolo Ballesteros is a famous actor from the Philippines. Although he has many talents, he has been getting attention lately for his viral world-recor...

OMG! Kendall Breitman 3 weeks
Treat, Or Trick? 25 Of The Worst Halloween Candies Of All Time, Ranked
Kendall Breitman / 3 weeks
OMG! Kendall Breitman 3 weeks
These Colleges Don’t Make The Grade: The Universities That Just Aren’t Worth The Tuition
Kendall Breitman / 3 weeks
OMG! Will Gardner 3 weeks
This Chick-fil-A Manager ‘Hurtled Through Drive Thru Window’ To Save Child
Will Gardner / 3 weeks