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Homeless Man Saved When Classmates Return Kindness

Leea Mechling, the 65-year-old executive director of the South Austin Museum of Popular Culture, receives plenty of e-mails. One morning, she received...

Cute Will Gardner 4 days
If You Want To Find Love, Book A Flight
Will Gardner / 4 days
Life Hacks Jade Lanegan 5 days
Join The Fun And Decorate Your Christmas Tree With Festive Flowers
Jade Lanegan / 5 days
Impact Jade Lanegan 5 days
Harbaugh Honors Recruit’s Scholarship After QB Suffers Career-Ending Health Setback
Jade Lanegan / 5 days
Jade Lanegan / 4 weeks
Will Gardner / 2 weeks
Paige Steinman / 3 weeks
Cute Jade Lanegan 1 week
The Internet Love Sharing Photos Of Irish Wolfhounds And Their Gentle Giant Antics

Irish Wolfhounds are on record as the tallest breed of canine, standing over three feet tall at the shoulders when full grown. Get a Wolfhound on his ...

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Babies Actually Use This Adorable Tactic To Get Their Parents To Smile, Study Finds
Jade Lanegan / 4 weeks
Cute Jade Lanegan 1 month
Father’s First Meme Goes Viral With Help Of Proud Son
Jade Lanegan / 1 month
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Little Girl Recalls Moment She Met Her Adoptive Parents In Adorable Viral Video
Will Gardner / 1 month
Will Gardner / 2 months
Will Gardner / 3 weeks
Paige Steinman / 4 weeks
Life Hacks Jade Lanegan 7 days
Need Some Calm? Try A Simple Dutch Method That Everyone Loves

There is something about Scandinavians that really shows they have got their priorities right. No not the ultimate 'cozy' Danish word hygge – that was...

Life Hacks Jade Lanegan 2 months
Bad Anxiety Keeping You Up? This Viral Breathing Technique Apparently Cures Insomnia And Stress
Jade Lanegan / 2 months
Life Hacks Paige Steinman 3 months
Popular Dog Breeds The Average Pet Owner Should Think Twice About Before Bringing Home
Paige Steinman / 3 months
Life Hacks Michael Roque 3 months
These Laundry Hacks Will Have You Wishing It Was Laundry Day
Michael Roque / 3 months
Will Gardner / 3 weeks
Jade Lanegan / 2 weeks
Jade Lanegan / 2 weeks
Entertainment Jade Lanegan 1 week
Hilarious Instagram Account Celebrates Dad Fashion, And The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing

Some days it seems like the internet was made only for animal videos and fashion bloggers. That’s why it’s cause for celebration when a quirky tribute...

Entertainment Michael Roque 3 weeks
People Can’t Believe How Cute These Dog Twins Look Together
Michael Roque / 3 weeks
Entertainment Michael Roque 3 weeks
Perfect Pet, Heroic Hound Or Fierce Fighter? The Story Behind Your Favorite Dog Breeds
Michael Roque / 3 weeks
Entertainment Jade Lanegan 3 weeks
Passenger Beats The Airlines By Channeling Joey Tribbiani
Jade Lanegan / 3 weeks
Jade Lanegan / 1 week
Will Gardner / 6 days
Will Gardner / 1 week
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Before Buying His Daughter A Used Car, He Made A Haunting Discovery

Sweet Sixteen Dream Most kids have one thing in mind when they turn 16, and that's getting behind the wheel of their very own car and taking the town...

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ICU Nurse Adopts Autistic Man So He Could Get Life-Saving Heart Transplant
Jade Lanegan / 2 weeks
Impact Will Gardner 2 weeks
Bus Driver Saves Third Life In Her Career, Earning Her A Superhero Title
Will Gardner / 2 weeks
Impact Will Gardner 2 weeks
ICU Nurse Adopts Autistic Man So He Could Get Life-Saving Heart Transplant
Will Gardner / 2 weeks
Jade Lanegan / 4 weeks
Gillian Kim / 5 days
Gillian Kim / 7 days
Innovation Paige Steinman 3 days
Parents Leave Daughters Home For a Week, And Don’t Recognize It Upon Their Return

Four Daughters Anxiously Await Their Parents' Return The week had passed by too quickly for four South Carolina sisters. They were standing by the wi...

Innovation Jade Lanegan 1 month
Paralyzed Man Learns To Walk Again, Thanks To Sci-Fi-Like, Mind-Controlled Technology
Jade Lanegan / 1 month
Innovation Paige Steinman 1 month
Reddit Users Are Sharing These Mind Blowing Life Hacks That Everyone Should Know About
Paige Steinman / 1 month
Innovation Jade Lanegan 2 months
Mattel Releases Gender-Neutral, All-Inclusive Dolls
Jade Lanegan / 2 months
Michael Roque / 2 weeks
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OMG! Michael Roque 2 days
Fast Food Items Even Servers Say: Think Twice Before Eating

1. Sonic Drive-In’s Ice Cream When you order some fast food soft-serve ice cream, be fully aware that you aren’t exactly getting the kind of quality ...

OMG! Paige Steinman 2 weeks
Prepare To Cringe: These 25 Bad Tattoos Are Truly Painful To See
Paige Steinman / 2 weeks
OMG! Jade Lanegan 2 weeks
Wildlife Photographer Captures Unbelievable Moment Of Lion Smiling And ‘Winking’
Jade Lanegan / 2 weeks
OMG! Jade Lanegan 2 weeks
Wife Catches Her Husband Terrorizing The Neighborhood As Michael Myers And She Is Not Pleased
Jade Lanegan / 2 weeks